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Better Half

Film & Synopsis

For years, Tony and Leo have been a happy couple. They had always talked about having a child... someday. So when a sickly infant is abandoned at a local hospital, Tony sees it as a sign.


Suddenly, Leo is confronted with making good on his promise to start a family; he must face his deep-seeded fears of being a father, or risk losing Tony altogether.

Filmmaker & Bio

Michelle has been a member of the Motion Picture Editors Guild since 2001 and worked as an assistant on cable series (“Pysch”, “South of Nowhere”), as well as in series programming for PopTV (Formerly TV Guide Network) Her credits include: (“What’s The 411”, “Hollywood on Set”, “America’s Next Producer”). She has edited three independent feat...

On Set & In Theatres

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 11/29-12/3 #ARFF2023
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